Washing Machine Hoses

A $30 repair that will save you thousands.

Which type of washing machine hose is best?

The best type of washing machine hose to use is steel braided hoses.  Typically cost under $30 for the pair.  These hoses have higher pressure resistance, heat resistance, and an anti-corrosive coating at the fittings. 

When is the last time you looked behind your washing machine?  I bet its been awhile.  I also bet you have black rubber supply hoses feeding your washing machine.  Here’s our problem!  Those black rubber hoses are rated to last 5 years.  Most hoses have an expiration date printed on the hose.   We find these black rubber hoses in 95% of the homes we inspect.

What the problem with them?  As they age, the hose’s pressure resistance degrades and makes the hose prone to bursting.  Also, the fittings start to rust, then leak.  This is a concern in all applications, especially with laundry rooms on the second floor.

The solution is stainless steel braided hoses

Washing Machine Hoses

Stainless steel braided hoses cost slightly more than rubber hoses.  Typically, these hoses are purchased the same time as the washing machine.  So, it could be tempting to pinch a few dollars and purchase rubber hoses, don’t do it!  Nothing lasts forever, including stainless steel hoses.  Most manufacturers recommend changing the hoses every five years.

How do I inspect my washing machine hoses?  First, grab a flashlight.  Locate the hoses behind the washing machine and first examine the connection points.  You’ll see two connections at the washing machine and two connections at the wall.  These fittings should be dry, clean, and free from rust.  Fittings are the most common failure point.  Next, check the hoses.  Look for signs of wear and age.  Use your hand to feel for bulges or weak spots in the hoses.  Lastly, an obvious one, make sure the floor is dry behind the washing machine.  If any of these defects are present, replace both hoses.

Now go check your washing machine and upgrade those hoses.  And don’t forget the PLUMBERS TAPE at the fittings!

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